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Magic for Motivation

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Something different from role-playing or sugarcraft at your team-building event. An unusual perspective on making a success of your sales. Increasing confidence for people who have to speak in public, anywhere from your son or daughter’s wedding to giving a presentation for business. Carl’s training and proficiency as a Professional Speaker, emphasised by the use of magic, can change the way you approach your performance.

The prospect of speaking in public is something that people often list as one of the most terrifying experiences they will ever have to face, but almost everyone will have to do it at least once in their lives. Drawing on his experience as a Magician, Public Speaker and Businessman, Carl will tailor a specfic course or workshop, for individuals or groups of up to six people, that will improve confidence and communication skills for whatever need you have.

“Bicester Achievers Speakers Club has changed my life. I can’t believe the difference. People keep telling me how much more confident I am in all areas of my life. I’ve even started singing in public! Thank you so much for being the driving force behind the club.” – Benjamin Brown